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 Permanent /event application.

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PostSubject: Permanent /event application.   Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:33 am

Here you can apply for a permanent /event. It is the same as the default one, but it always stays on it's place and visible even if you are offline. Useful to make graffitis, shop signs and etc.

Permanent /event application.

In-game name/faction/business: Kenneth_Robinson
Text: " 'I was here' written with a marker on the wall ((Kenneth_Robinson))" OR " 'Mega-Gang Owns SA' graffiti on the ground ((Mega-Gang 3000))" OR "Many boxes with stuff ((Blueberry 24/7))"
Time(optional): 15 May 15:30 --- 20 May 20:00
Picture(photoshopped graffiti or the /event itself): [ spoiler][ img][/img][/spoiler]
Car ID(optional): 165 Big van

[b]Permanent /event application.[/b]

[b]In-game name/faction/business:[/b]
[b]Time:[/b]  ---
[b]Car ID: [/b]
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Permanent /event application.
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