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 Report a player rules.

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PostSubject: Report a player rules.   Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:21 am

1. To reply to topic or to start one you need at least one screenshot. Exceptions are admins & the reported player(s).
2. Best way to win is to use proof like screenshots or staff witnesses.
3. Insulting will lead to punishment, and if it is the topic creator, to topic locking.
4. Flaming is not allowed. You still must respect each other.
5. Do not post IC issues like unfair fine, IC scam, IC robbery and etc.
6. Staff reports go to Ken. Forum PM him with the same format.
7. If you are wrongly punished, or at least you think so, also forum PM Ken.

Breaking any of the rules above will get you forum banned for 24 hours.

Hiding information on screenshots will lead to 3 day forum ban.
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Report a player rules.
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