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 To-do: Jobs.

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To-do: Jobs. Empty
PostSubject: To-do: Jobs.   To-do: Jobs. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 5:59 am


Job Name: Crop Harvester
Job Vehicle: Harvester
Job Commands: /crop

Job Name: Floor Sweeper/Cleaner
Job Vehicle: N/A
Job Commands: /sweepfloor

Job Name
: Weed Grower
Job Vehicle: N/A
Job Commands: /plantweed /harvestweed /makedrugs
A faction job. You buy 25 seeds ("drug mats") of weed for $2500. You go to some well hidden place and /plantweed them. It takes 5 seeds (some bushes of weed appear at the place). After some time, you can /harvestweed them and get 15-20 seeds. Then you could either plant them and get more, or /makedrugs and get 3-5 drugs from every seed.

Job Name
: Quarry worker
Job Vehicle: Dozer
Job Commands: /mine /melt /sellore

Job Name
: Accountant/Manager (Don't know which fits better)
Job Vehicle: N/A
Job Commands: /startmanager /mgr (answer)
It is an office job. You enter an office and /startmanager at the computer. Server will start to ask you different Maths questions, and you have to /mgr (answer) as quick as possible.

Job Name
: Lumberjack
Job Vehicle: DFT-30/Linerunner with trailer
Job Commands: /lumber /plank /sellplank

Job Name
: Furniture Maker
Job Vehicle: Boxville (to deliver the furniture)
Job Commands: /furn makemats, /furn assemble [type], /furn place [modelid/name](if empty, gives the possible combination list according to what you have)
A faction job. Lowest ranks make "materials"(/furn makemats) from boards which are delivered by Lumberjacks (see a bit higher). A bit higher ranks make the furniture (which is requested: a table/chair/sofa/w.e). Highest take the furniture and load it in the Boxville. Then they go to the house/land and place (/furn place) the furniture they were requested.

If a table was assembled at the factory, then it is only a type. Which MODEL will appear decide the highest rank. If he has a "table type" in his truck, he cant make a sofa, but many different tables.

Job Name
: Fisherman
Job Vehicle: Marquis
Job Commands: /harvestfish, /cutfish, /sellfish (Yes, the one that exists)
A faction job.. 1 or more people of lower ranks get on the boat and go into the ocean. They start to /harvestfish and get for example 600 kilo of RAW FISH (they cant sell it). Then, the deliver the fish to the factory and higher ranks /cutfish and make the PREPARED FISH(or just fish). Then highest ranks load up their vans/trucks (should be a job car, but if no then the player car) and go to the market and /sellfish. After that they /fdeporit the money so it get divided on whole faction. Lower ranks get less money, higher - more.
Will be replaced with just /fish. Better rods give bigger fishes. And bigger boats do the same.
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To-do: Jobs.
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