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 Government subsidies.

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Government subsidies. Empty
PostSubject: Government subsidies.   Government subsidies. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2009 5:35 am

San Andreas County Council offers subsidies to following enterprises and companies:

Fishermen Association.
Head of this company will have to send all copies of the income documents from fish and rod sales and receive 35% more from them.

Building and furnishing companies.
Will receive 50% from each building price. If company lacks their funds to start/finish the building, council will offer it's help, but the subsidy of a finished house will be 15% only.

If a person is buying at least 2 combine harvesters for enterprise, price will be reduced to -65%.

Companies will be subsidized until count of subsidized types of enterprises is 2.
((When there appears 3rd fishermen association, ALL fishermen associations lose their subsidies.))
All income and outcome documents MUST be notarized. Applications for subsidy must be sent to our email.

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Government subsidies.
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