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 Ken's Mechanic Guide.

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Ken's Mechanic Guide. Empty
PostSubject: Ken's Mechanic Guide.   Ken's Mechanic Guide. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 7:46 am

How to RP a mechanic properly.
Guide by Ken

This guide is for the newcomers who powergame this car fixing by just doing /repair without any RP. And many of them complain that they get 50$ per repair.

By reading this, i hope you will improve your mechanic RP skills, and i promise you, that when you RP a mechanic good, you make lots of money and fun.

1. Equipment.
In real life, mechanics bring their tow trucks and few tools such as:
Sledge hammer
Ken's Mechanic Guide. SLEDGE+HAMMER

Welder and welding mask
Ken's Mechanic Guide. Mig%20welderKen's Mechanic Guide. 1648512_lg


Ken's Mechanic Guide. 2517652_156aaa68b4

And a jack

Ken's Mechanic Guide. Electric_car_jack_1

1.1 Using the equipment.
Sledge hammer is used to form broken parts of car (broken door/hood/trunk/etc.).
Welder is used to weld (like "glue") iron things together.
Toolkit contains various small tools like screwdriver, scissors, saw, hammer and etc.
Jack is used to lift the cars for changing a wheel.

2. Towing cars.
You can not and must not tow cars just by standing near them. You need to come to it's from with the towcar's hook and attach it to bumper, or ask someone to do it while you are in the car.

3. Lost car parts.
If you are in a situation when car doesn't have some parts like doors or hood, you need to drive to nearest Pay'n'Spray (or any other car part shop) and RP getting it, after what you go to the car and attach the lost part. Same with wheels.

4. Prices.

Price can't be always the same. For example, 15 gunshots and lost door can't cost the same as just broken bumper.

These are the prices that i use:
Engine repair - 600$
Oil change - 150$
Wheel change - 100$ each
Door repair - 150$ each
Hood repair - 200$
Trunk repair - 150$
Exhaust repair - 100$
Window change - 200$ each
New part - x2 from repair.

There are many other parts, but these are the basic ones. You can always set the prices yourself.

5. Animations.
There are many animations in the game, these are mechanic ones:

/fixcar - lay under the car
/fixout - get out from the car (after the /fixcar)
/bar 4 - check the engine
/pedatm - attach the door/take the tools from truck/open the hood
/bomb - attach/detach the hood/trunk
/gpunch - fixing a part with a sledge hammer

6. RP process.
First you need to RP the fixing, then proceed to the OOC part.

This is an example of fixing the car RP:

/me attaches the hook to the car
/me drives it off the road to the side
/me lowers the hook
/me gets out, takes his tools
/me detaches the hook
/me pops the trunk
/me examines the engine
/bar 4
*Some minor repair needed*
/attempt to fix the engine
*A door is broken*
/me takes a screwdriver from his toolkit
/me detaches the door
/me takes a sledge hammer from his trunk
/me puts the door on the ground
/gpunch /gpunch /gpunch /gpunch
/attempt to fix the door with hits

/me takes the door
/me attaches the door back to car
/me says: Okay sir, the engine is 600$ and the door is 150$.
/me gets his payment
/me says: Thank you, see ya!
/me gets in the trunk
(( OOC PART ))
/repair <ID> 5 (the minimum allowed for /repair)
*The car gets repaired*
/me drives off being happy with his 750$

[align=center][size=xx-large]Thank you for reading! And remember, good RP always gets rewarded![/size][/align]

[size=xx-small]My first guide, so please rate and show my mistakes.[/size]
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Ken's Mechanic Guide.
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