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 Cesar's Roleplay Guide.

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Cesar's Roleplay Guide. Empty
PostSubject: Cesar's Roleplay Guide.   Cesar's Roleplay Guide. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 7:39 am

<c> Cesar @

Ok guys so i have deiced to make this guide as not so many new peoples don't actualy know to roleplay properly. Is nothing bad in it as they can learn if they want to, as no one knew to roleplay from the begining. So for the ones who are interested to learn the terms involved in roleplay ->Enjoy

Lets start with the term of Role-Playing:

In Roleplaying, players adopt and act a role of an character. The character that you are roleplaying can have an specific personality, motivation, and a backround story. Basicaly imagine that you are an actor and the City of Los Santos is your Stage, where you will perform along other characters with different or similar characteristics(story,personality, etc). Together with those other characters you can shape different storyes. The participants can determine the actions of their characters based on their style of life. Theese actions are controlled by a sistem of rules, keeping the game fair for everyone. The result of theese actions may be different depending on the choice of the persons that you roleplay with.

Some Tips:
Ramming every car on the server /shouting "Pull over, this is a hold up" is not RP. Let's just think for a second, You wouldn't do that in real life even if u were the dubmest thief of all. Ask some proper RP-ers to show you how is done, is not that hard after all.

DM'ing is not RP, crashing into everyone and trying to shoot them is not very creative and it will be punished as you are not allowed kill people without a good IC reason.

BunnyHopping->means jumping to get somewhere faster
-is non-rp, so is not allowed + it can be punished with adminjail

Revenge Killing->means to come back and shoot/kill the guy who just killed you.

When you are calling for a mechanic you should include the location and you name like "Cesar Perez" not "Cesar_Perez", as they get the message like this:
message from [phone number]:
[Your text shows up here]

Getting out bigger/heavyer weapons-this action can be performed only by using at least an {/me} - to show your roleplay partners from where you tken out that gun. For example

/{me} opens the trunk of the car.
/{me} takes out an AK47 and closes the trunk.

and it would look like this:
* Cesar Perez opens the trunk if the car.
* Cesar Perez takes out an AK47 and closes the trunk

-this rule does not apply for small handguns like a deagle

Car Jacking-There are 2 types of car jacking

1st. When is noone in the vehicle-A guide:
2nd. When inside the car is at least the driver-You are not allowed to go there and ninja jack the driver{ Persing ENTER or F}
When he is on a bike you can use again the /me actions that are so esential to roleplay. You got an example of how to do it at powergaming.

In Character

In roleplaying, In Character (or IC) refers to the world of the characters, rather than the world of the real players.
A character talking to another character is an IC interaction, set within the IC world. Also they might interact with the objects arround them, or even with new situations like:
They are having a conversation and suddenly a gunfight begins between other characters. Of course they would not stay there and keep talking, they will react in different ways depending on the type of character he plays. He might call the police, take cover, or if he is involved in that situation(like a gang fight) he would immediatly jump to help his friends..
There are few rules about the In Character chat:

-No smilies like Very Happy xD Surprised Sad ^^ etc... For those who don't understand, when you press "`" and talk you are in IC. Anything you say should be In Character.
-No abreviations like: u,WTF!, wait 4 me!, omw, btw etc... in IC.
-those from the above can be used in the OOC chat {(, /go}
-instead of smilies you can use /me actions like: "/me smiles, /me looks around, /me scans the area for cops"

Out Of Character

Out of Character (or OOC) is a roleplaying term, referring to the world of the players, rather than the world of the characters. Actions in the game that are described from the point of view of the assumed character are referred to as In Character (IC). Actions or discussion of the character from the player's point of view are OOC.
There are few OOC chats like:
"("{the local OOC}-With this chat you can talk OOC'ly to players near you
"/go" {the global OOC}-With this chat you talk OOC'ly to the all players of the server-{This chat is sometimes disabled because its getting spammed}
Do not swear people OOC'ly as its considered an OOC insult, Like you are insulting the real person not his/her character.
Don't spam /gooc....Ask a question once and most likely someone will help you. Ask it a dozen times and you will most likely get ignored. Read the forum, it is your friend. There is a lot of helpful information.


A powergamer is a player who tries to force others to participate in a role-playing situation that they don't want.
A powergamer is also a person that pretends to do things that a normal human can't do. Like having super powers, flying, Knocking peoples out from one punch and so.

To avoid that kind of situations there is a command /attempt [action] that gives the player a 50% chance to fail and 50% chance to succed.
You can also use:
/{me} attempts to kick Richard of the bike.
/do Do i succed?

And it would look like this :
* Mike attempts to kick Richard of the bike.
** Do i succed? ((Mike)).

but you continue the action just if he confirmed that you failed/succeded via /do like :

/do yes or /do no
And it would look liek this
** yes ((Richard)) or ** no, i parry the hit ((Richard)).

But don't abuse it so like every time somebody attempts something on you to use /do no /do fail or whatever. When you /do no, always tell the reason.


Metagaming is when you use of OOC knowledge in an in-character situation.
Here is an example:
A police officer starts a chase with a guy but losts him{remembering his name OOC}.After the suspect changed his car, or did something to not be recocnized ,when he meets the police officer again this starts the chase again just because he has seen the NAMETAG.

2nd example:
Or Walking to someone saying{Meeting him for the first time}
-Ehum from where you know my name?
-Its on your head!

The 2nd example is most often "abused".
people please try to understand that you don't know someone's name because they have a nametag over theyr head. If you have never met them before and asked them for their name then how do you know it??
To meet a person just talk a bit with it then you can say:
"What was your name?" or "I dont think we met, I am ..."
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Cesar's Roleplay Guide.
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