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 James' Gangster Guide.

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James' Gangster Guide. Empty
PostSubject: James' Gangster Guide.   James' Gangster Guide. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 7:44 am

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James' Gangster Guide. 45

James' Gangster Guide


Well, I made this guide because I saw many people saying they're "gangstaz" and failing.
I will tell you what cars have gangsters, how you should RP and how you should act. Even if you know how to do it, read this guide. It might help you in some way.

RolePlay Tips

First, when the police comes, you don't simply aim at them. And then got ajailed/warned and get the excuse that gangstas are violence. Even if they are, you would not simply aim at them. You would RUN, yes RUN.


Second, do not carry all the guns with you, I mean if someone aims at you, you don't simply go at the car, get a spas and aim back. I saw people doing this. And do not carry guns in public places, like star tower, license center or others. In the real life someone would quickly call the police, and then you would get arrested. If no cops online that doesn't mean that you can do illegal things, imagine they are cops and you're afraid of them.


Third, enjoy the RP! You can RP that you're chased by police and you hit a pole, not wearing the sealt belt and going over the windshield. That would make the police call the doctors if they're online or RP they get they're first aid kit from car's trunk. It would make it funnier. Think at the possibilities!


Fourth, RP does not involve always kills, blood or other things. You can RP you watch the T.V. with your gang at your house. Like doing:
* James Thomson )) News, A gang called Felton Avenue Royalties fought with other gang!
Or RP commercials like:
* James Thomson )) The new soap! Only at the 24/7 in market!
James Thomson Says I hate commercials.
You can RP in unlimited ways, you can RP everything that you can do in the real life. Going to eat, modding your lowrider, etc. Be creative!


Fifth, "Hood RP." Usually gangs hangout all the time at theyr hood. Of course you can go mod your car, RP somewhere else, but stay at your hood. It would be more fun! Like police thinking it's a gang activity at *gang's hood* then they can ride you. It would be fun, RPing injures, getting arrested. Don't just let you killed to escape from the jail. If your gang is arrested you can RP in the jail! Like getting bored, talking, getting visitors, etc.


Sixth, gangsters have cheap cars, not bullets/turismos/infernuses or other this kinds of cars. Gangsters would have savanna's, oceanic's, clover's, even sultan's sometimes, etc. Of course, if you like the car and you want to donate/trade your car for it, it's your choice, but it would bring a lot of RP if you would have a shitty car. Like if you have a savanna:
/l Let's go pimp dis' shi'.
And other opportunities.


Seventh, gangsters have a "shitty language", they're "Gangsta'z and shi'z dei' don't speak good english." You can RP you're a white man that speaks good english. Like Michael_Ruppe a.k.a. Druz. You don't need to be a "n***a", but most of the gangsters are ni****s. You can use " ' " to replace some letters at the end, or at the start of the word. You can also use " Chea' " replacing "Yes", or using " da' " instead of "the", it's not a rule or something. Make it understandable, but "gangsta-type" too, if you know what I mean. You can't say: "I 's' a' da' par' 'n' 'lai' 'oo'".


Eighth, if your car it's hit by someone, don't simply take out your gun and shoot at them, RP it and use a bat. Beat them up, then if you want let them go. There are a lot of possibilities! Don't simply get mad, get out a spas and kill them.

Some tips from James

Don't feel ashamed to RolePlay fear, it's just a RP opportunity and increases the RP quality.
If you're a gangsta, that does not mean that you are superman, don't act like you are.
Usually, gangsters use bats to beat people up. not always glock's or ak47's, RP it.
You also can RP you're a normal citizen, you don't need to be in a gang.


This is the guide that I made in RRP, here most of the people know already this things, I felt like to add this guide here too.
Hope you liked the guide!

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James' Gangster Guide.
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